As young and highly motivated aviation photographers and reporters, we published our first article on the Belgian Air Force in the infamous British aviation magazine "Air Pictorial' some two decades ago.


Before sending the article for publication, we 'digested' loads of articles published in this famous magazine written since the late sixties by some of the best British and foreign aviation authors and reporters.


We were impressed by these articles who were based on first-hand information and stunning photographs, taken at far-away locations in operational conditions.


Having succeeded in publishing our first article in Air Pictorial, we started to create our own editing style, still influenced by the 'old masters', and optimise our photographs.


Swiss Air Force F-5E/F Tiger II-formation near the Matterhorn mountain (left) during dedicated photo-shoot to illustrate article on the air force's Escadrille de Milice 6


The digital "information-boom" quickly enabled us to successfully enlarge our publication scoop by sending and publishing our articles all over the globe.


Nowadays we achieve a constant vaste publication success and geographical diversification unmatched in today's world of military aviation journalism.


For sure you will be contacted by other aviation 'reporters' requesting similar photo- and visit-facilities and even claiming a similar or even better publication track-record.


If needed we are of course fully prepared to send you additional info on our publication-record and/or accreditation-letters from editors to smoothly confirm our exposure-statements, mentioned before.