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To achieve our common goal to boost the international exposure and operational awareness of your air force within the world of military aviation, operational pictures taken during inflight air/air photo-shoots are vital to illustrate your capabilities.


Catchy inflight pictures will convince editors of (inter)national aviation magazines to publish our article in their magazines, not as small side-story on page 98 but as their main high-impact cover-article.




Each of our articles is illustrated by pictures taken during at least two individual series of well-planned photo-flights.



Four F-16C Fighting Falcons of 152 Filo/Turkish Air Force flying

over the Black Sea.


A first series of flights, mostly flown with four aircraft at medium-altitude in a dedicated and temporarely reserved training area, will show in a safe and pre-briefed manner the 'pedal to the metal' operational capabilities of your air force's pilots and fighter-aircraft.

 Força Aerea Portuguesa's DHC-1 Chipmunk  near Cabo da Roca, continental Europe's westernmost point



A second series of flights, again with four aircraft, will be flown at low to medium altitude over your country's special landmarks (rivers, castles, palaces, mausoleum, world heritage sites) to illustrate the immortal link between your air force, its pride country or nation and its citizens.


You can also use these pictures as a high-valued gift or show-of-friendship to your honorable (military) guests when visiting your air force.


Various international commercial and official air force magazines will also use these 'scenic' pictures as cover pictures for their individual magazines, illustrating and honoring the 'world-heritage' attraction power of these landmarks.




Swiss Air Force F-5E Tiger II - Matterhorn (Switzerland's highest mountain-top)


A variety of weaponry and other hardware (like state-of-the-art targeting pods) will allow the editors and his audience to objectively assess your air force capabilities and excellence.


We have gained a vast experience in taking this well-desired variation of inflight photographs from the backseat of frontline-fighters. All photo-flights are briefed in depth well before take-off and are open for inputs by your pilots.


We use high-quality latest-generation digital camera's and lenses, suitable for smooth and safe manipulation in the restricted 'space' of a fighter-cockpit.


All air-to-air pictures will  be downloaded      after landing on your air force's computer so you can see the results of our 'joint'-work-out within minutes.  



Canadian Armed Forces CT-133 Silver Star in full glory







Based on mutual respect and faith in each other's capabilities are the cornerstones of all successfull air-to-air photographing.


A combination of skillfull well-prepared photographing by us, linked to accurate and fluent flying manoeuvres by your elite-pilots...


A simple formula for overall success !


Both of us will shoot the actual pictures but we need even-motivated pilots to show us your air force's capabilities and your country's "treasures".












Mirage 50EV of the Aviation Militar Bolivariana de Venezuela





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